Using a Pin Vise, Miniature Drill or Twist Drill
A number of special use pin vices are available from jewellery suppliers. Usually they are adapted to hold particular jewellery parts, such as the mounting arms .

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Amazon.com: Pin Vise: Home Improvement
Although I always use a glove to hold any pin vise, the size and shape of the tool can contribute to a sore or tired hand-- this pin vise suits me better than any of .

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Wire-Twisting Using a Pin Vice - YouTube
Feb 11, 2012 . Learn how to quickly twist wire for your wire-wrapping project using an inexpensive pin vice. Check out more jewelry tools and wire for .

How to Use a Pin Vise - YouTube
Nov 17, 2011 . In this video from JewelrySupply.com, you'll see just how versatile a small . I'd love to see a tutorial on creating tiny jump rings? with a pin vise.

Filing Wire Ends - Cup Bur
I'm now hooked on making wire jewelry. . Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig. . Our item 0387, cup bur premium uses a pin vise, item 0388, as the handle.


How to Use a Pin Vise to Twist Wire | eHow.com
Relatively inexpensive and compact, pin vises are useful in jewelry making and . How To Create a Twisted Wire For Wire-Wrapping Jewelry, Using a Pin Vice .


Shor International - Jeweler's Vises, Jigs & Holders
Offers the user a multi-chuck pin vise that is more comfortable to use than conventional hex head vises. The rounded head fits comfortably into the palm of one's .


What Is a Pin Vise?
In addition to model builders, jewelry makers also make use of pin vises. In jewelry making, the pin vise is used to twist wire. The jewelry maker inserts one end .

What Is a Pin Vise? | eHow.com
They can be purchased at craft, hobby and jewelry stores. . Pin vises may use small drill bits to create holes in beads and other craft projects. A pin vise is a tool .

The Process

Vise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vise screws are usually either of an Acme thread form or a buttress thread. Those with a quick-release nut use a buttress thread. Some vises have a hydraulic or .

7pc Jeweler's Micro-Chuck Pin Vise 7 Collets 0.0 to 3.5mm Fits ...
Essential jeweler's tool for use with micro-size drill bits, accessories or work pieces; Pin vise with 1-1/2" x 3/32" shank, bolster hole, knurled collet nut; Six collets .


Pin Vise, Double-Ended :: Beads & Jewelry Making Supplies by ...
This pin vise is double-ended, featuring two chucks. Use this vise to hold cup burs, economy files, or other small tools. Makes working with small tools easier and .

Pin Vise with Wood Handle
This multi-chuck pin vise is more comfortable to use than a conventional hex vise. . to create unique, colorful pieces and expand your jewelry-making repertoire.


Reversible Chuck Pin Vise 4 1/8" Jewelry Tool - Esslinger
Learn why a reversible chuck pin vise jewelry tool is perfect for jewelry repair. . Use on making jewelry, designing jewelry, watch repair, jewelry repair and wax .

Tip Cleaners, Pin Vises, & Drill Sets
Tip cleaner, Pin Vises & Drill sets, Cleans torch tips, Injectors, Carburetor jets . Tip Cleaners, Pin Vises, & Drill Sets engineered for a variety of uses ranging . The Pin vise is for holding and turning drills by hand, good for working with jewelry, .


Sliding Pin Vise
back to top. Sliding Pin Vise 4 5 1 1. Easy to use Purchased pin vise to twist square wire, works perfectly with 20g square wire, easy to operate single handedly.

Pin Vises
Quality Jewelry Supplies for Generations - Since 1930 .


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