Steve Jobs biography reveals he thought Bill Gates “ripped off other ...
Oct 21, 2011 . Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both reveal their true feelings about each . The pair have competed over many years and clearly have a mutual .

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Steve Jobs kept letter from Bill Gates at his bedside - Neowin
Jan 28, 2012 . Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were tough to work for. They both . Oh wow! Jobs might have just figured out there IS a god, right at the end.

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Idolize Bill Gates, Not Steve Jobs - Businessweek
Nov 1, 2011 . In the wake of his death, HBR espoused his greatness — something I've done as well. And he was great. Steve Jobs has likely been our .

What Bill Gates has said about Steve Jobs through the decades ...
Oct 6, 2011 . Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have been competitors and friends for decades. Here's a look at some of the things Gates has said about Steve Jobs .


Happy Birthday, Bill Gates! You Made Steve Jobs Possible - Forbes
Oct 28, 2011 . Nice to read kind words about Mr. Gates. It seems that all I've read about recently is how god like and world changing Steve Jobs was…way .


Let's talk about doctors, I've seen a.. – Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates
Steve Jobs died from Pancreatic Cancer, so he did get a type of “PC” but it wasn't the Personal Computer that Bill Gates made famous.


Bill Gates responds to Steve Jobs criticism by claiming credit for ...
Nov 2, 2011 . In an authorised biography published after his death, Steve Jobs is quoted . Gates pointed out that Jobs' frustration with him could have been .

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Steve Jobs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
And he added, "I'm pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadn't . Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All Things Digital conference (D5) in 2007 .

The Life of Steve Jobs
When Bill Gates went into retirement, we threw him a week-long celebration and wished . The comings and goings of Steve Jobs have been less ceremonious.


Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates In A Rap Battle? Err, Sure! [VIDEO ...
Jun 15, 2012 . If you've ever wondered what would happen if Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates took to a stage and engaged in .

Jobs, Gates and Branson: the value of being a drop-out - The Drum ...
Oct 10, 2011 . What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson have in common? Is the only answer that they have all been extraordinarily successful .


Malcolm Gladwell: History will exalt Bill Gates, forget Steve Jobs ...
Jun 8, 2012 . In 50 years, Steve Jobs will be a forgotten figure, while Bill Gates . I've said before that Gates will be remembered better by history than Jobs.


Steve Jobs Shocker: Bill Gates Should Have Dropped Acid
Oct 24, 2011 . Steve Jobs called long-time rival and Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates as " unimaginative" and not really a product person, according to a .

Microsoft News » Bill Gates Response To Steve Jobs On Windows ...
Oct 24, 2011 . Bill Gates Response To Steve Jobs On Windows Rip-Off Claim . Gates's response is the most funniest thing I've heard in a long time.


Bill Gates: This Is How Steve Jobs Inspired Me
Jan 27, 2012 . The death of Steve Jobs has inspired Bill Gates to push on with his philanthropic work, reminding him that we only have a limited amount of .

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