NBA Releases 2012-13 Salary Cap, Luxury Tax Numbers - Blazer's ...
Jul 10, 2012 . The NBA has announced its 2012-13 salary cap and luxury tax numbers. . Teams like the Warriors (I.E. Over the cap and not the tax threshold .

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NBA Salary Cap, Luxury Tax Levels To Remain The Same In 2012 ...
Jul 10, 2012 . NBA Salary Cap, Luxury Tax Levels To Remain The Same In 2012-13 . the cap number this year, 90% in future years), Tax threshold ($70M), .

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NBA Free Agency: Which Teams have salary cap space?
Jul 1, 2012 . In other words, if the tax threshold was $65 million and Team X had a payroll of $85 million, it had to write a luxury tax check to the NBA for $20 .

Luxury tax (sports) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For a more detailed discussion, see NBA salary cap. . If a team exceeds the luxury tax threshold, they .

Report: League's salary cap, luxury tax will remain unchanged ...
Jun 23, 2012 . 2012 NBA Draft: The lottery bigs and their musical chairs . the salary cap and luxury tax threshold cannot go lower in 2012-13 than their levels .


What is the luxury tax?
The luxury tax is a charge paid by NBA teams with payrolls that exceed the league's . But once a team's payroll hits the luxury tax threshold, the franchise faces .


Lakers face day of reckoning with NBA luxury tax - latimes.com
2 days ago . NBA teams must pay a $1.50-to-$1 ratio for the first $4.99 million they are over the luxury-tax threshold, a $1.75-to-$1 ratio for being $5 million .


ShamSports.com: NBA Salaries index
NBA news that doesn't really matter. . 2012/13 luxury tax threshold: $70,307,000 2012/13 Mid . 2012/13 Mid Level Exception figure, tax payers: $3,090,000 .

Salary cap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The NBA also had a luxury tax system which is triggered if the average team . a team is over the tax threshold, which remains at a level above the actual cap.

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Warriors opt not to go over luxury-tax line - NBA - CBSSports.com ...
Jul 26, 2012 . Warriors opt not to go over luxury-tax line . exception of $5 million for fear of going on the north side of the NBA's punitive luxury-tax threshold, .

NBA Salary cap and luxury tax to remain unchanged next season ...
The NBA salary cap and luxury tax that teams operate under are highly likely to . the salary cap and luxury tax threshold cannot go lower in 2012-13 than their .


The salary cap for the 2012-13 NBA season will be $58 million, the ...
Jul 10, 2012 . The salary cap for the 2012-13 NBA season will be $58 million, the same as last season. . The luxury tax threshold will be $70.307 million.

Why 2013 Is Dictating The NBA Rumors We See In 2012 - SB Nation
Jun 26, 2012 . That's a pretty big year for many top NBA teams, because that is when harsher luxury-tax penalties start to kick in. In the past, teams paid a .


Jeremy Lin would cost Knicks $43 million in salary and luxury tax in ...
Jul 15, 2012 . What is most important to note about the luxury tax threshold is that it is . Over the past 10 years, the NBA's BRI has increased by an average of .

New NBA collective bargaining agreement could hurt Miami Heat in ...
Jul 20, 2012 . Micky Arison lifts the NBA Championship trophy after the Miami Heat . For 2013- 14, when the luxury tax threshold is projected to be in the $73 .


Grizzlies Currently Have the Fifth Highest Payroll in the NBA ...
Jul 31, 2012 . The Grizzlies have the fifth highest payroll in the NBA, behind the Lakers, . is just over $58 million, with the luxury tax threshold at $70 million.


Given new rules of CBA, Thunder may find keeping core together ...
Jun 22, 2012 . That question ripples through the NBA, from the biggest of big . the salary cap and luxury tax threshold cannot go lower in 2012-13 than their .

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